A Guide To Know Everything About College Transfer In Binghamton University

A Guide To Know Everything About College Transfer In Binghamton University


Binghamton University is a recognized world-class institution that unites over 130 widely interdisciplinary educational plans with a few extremely vibrant research centers in the country. Their distinctive character is shaped by extraordinary academics, community life, and facilities that endorse the unexpected success of its students.

Let us learn more about this university in detail.

About Binghamton University

The University combines rigorous academics, which is distinguished by its impeccable facilities and faculty for the engagement and contests its 17,000 students. The high-performing Binghamton student association represents a wide range of life experiences, from international students to first-gen college-goers.

Beyond their capacity, these colleges share a yearning to mold the future via technology, intellectual exploration, community service, and insight. Campus Reel is a trusted guide to get an idea about the requirement, dates, GPA of Binghamton transfer.

What are the transfer requirements for students at Binghamton University?

Binghamton University needs a set of completed docs for filing the application. Some of these documents are High School Transcript, College Transcript, Personal Statement or Supplemental Essay, and Standardized Test scores.

About Binghamton transfer acceptance rate

The transfer acceptance rate is another important consideration when you plan to enroll in Binghamton University. In 2019, this university has received a total of 4834 transfer applications. Out of them, the university has accepted 2070 students.

This makes it clear that the Binghamton University transfer acceptance rate is around 42.82.  Out of these 2070 accepted transfer students, around 1060 students got enrolled at the university. This states that the total yield of this college is 51.3.

In Binghamton, around 26 percentage of student base is comprised of transfer students. So, candidates who are planning for a college transfer to this college would not feel alone.

What are the transfer GPA requirements for Binghamton University?

Binghamton University needs at least a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.33 point of the scale.

SAT and ACT score required for Binghamton transfer

                                            25 percentile          75 percentile

SAT Math                            630                               710

SAT Reading                       600                               690

2018 Total                          1230                             1400

SAT Score

The average SAT score for the Binghamton transfer is 1315. You need to score more than this average score to be eligible for college transfer in this university.

Job Position in Binghamton University

Title: Senior Staff Assistant

Salary: Commensurate with Experience

Job Description:

Binghamton University looks for qualified candidates who are looking for the full-time job of Transfer Admissions Specialist.  The candidates are required to be self-motivated, with a dynamic personality.

They should possess an outstanding level of communication and impeccable interpersonal skills for the representation of the university to potential transfer students, and their colleagues, and families.

These candidates will make them understand the entire process of transfer admissions, and also credit their evaluation.

Their job role plays a significant role in providing a smooth transition to students during the entire transfer enrollment procedure at Binghamton University. This job role involves assistance in Enrollment Management via identification, selection, and enrolls in transfer students.


With all the above information, it will make you more informed about the college transfer at Binghamton University. It will help you in increasing the chances of successfully clearing the application and getting admitted to the school.

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