A Note on the Common Material Used to Make Recycled Bags

A Note on the Common Material Used to Make Recycled Bags


Manufacturing and selling of bags have witnessed ample changes in the past two decades. The favoring element for the changes was the motto of every bag user to save the environment, thus stop using bags polluting our natural surroundings.

This momentum to save nature gave rise to designing reusable bags, thus in the market you will find numerous bags made of material that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This promoted the idea of using the bags as promotional recycled bags to let people know about their trading venture. If you are thinking of using this kind of bags as a promotional tool or for daily usage, it will be useful to know more about material used to make such exclusive good looking and versatile usage of bags.

Some popularly used materials to customize recycled bags:

  • Cotton – Varied kind of cotton fabric is used to make bags. The organic cotton is pesticides free and a bit costly. Recycled cotton is mostly got from cotton scraps.

The natural cotton is chemically treated to remove impurities. Cotton material is highly used as it is easier to design bags, cost effective material, durable, has smooth texture, and washable.

  • Non-Woven Polypropylene – This material is mostly favored for its durable quality and for its non expensive manufacturing process. It is a kind of resin polymer, and hence the bags with higher denser propylene has quality strength. The bags of Polypropylene resist moisture and print of your brand logo remains forever. The material doesn’t get easily damaged by chemical effects. Moreover, they can be wiped clean, thus preferable to carry lunch boxes, water bottles and other liquid materials.
  • Hemp – The material is stronger than cotton and hence preferable to make bags to last for many years. It doesn’t rot easily and has smooth texture. The best beneficial feature is that it can be machine washed and the printed matter doesn’t fade away. It may be expensive but worthy as people prefer to own such bags. Hence, will visit your place to buy again and again to collect these bags.
  • Jute – It is highly durable material thus often combined with other material to increase the strength of the material. It is one of the natural fiber preferable to use, thus loved by shoppers. It has grainy texture, but quite usable material to make fashionable hand-crafted bags.
  • PET – the material is made from recycled plastic things, thus eco friendly. The bags are strong and durable and budget friendly. To make the bags look trendy the material is blended with hemp or cotton. The bags will be available in vibrant colors thus your brand details will look bold.

You can choose any kind of eco friendly material to customize bags acting as your promo aid. However, remember to order recyclable bags from reliable manufacturing sources. You can contact such manufacturing company by logging on to their online base, customearthpromos.com. Their customer care officials will be ready to assist in ordering a perfect promotional eco friendly bag in easier and cost-effective way.

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